Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Quick Update

I haven't updated my blog for two months and now, I don't know how to start my new post... really. I've been staring at the monitor for quite a while before I started typing this entry. It's really hard when you have a lot of things to share and you don't know how to say it. A lot of things happened to me for the past few months. I had my practicum and I was absorbed right after I finished it and just before I graduated from College, meaning I've been working just before I graduated. I finished my practicum last April 5 and I started working on April 6 then I graduated on April 14. Dire - diretso at walang pahinga. That's the reason why I did not pay much attention on blogging in the past few months. Hindi ko na s'ya masyadong naiintindi dahil sa mga 'yun. Kahit sa AF, hindi na rin ako masyadong nakakabisita kaya na - demote na rin ako from being on Members + to AF Newbie... haay! Now I need to post more to be promoted again. Last Saturday, nag - undertime ako because of stomach and back ache. Bago pa ko makauwi, dinala na ako ng katrabaho ko sa clinic kasi namumutla na raw ako. Then our company physician examined me and asked me some questions about my health. He also gave me a referal. Kailangan ko daw magpa - urinalysis at CBC kasi baka daw may UTI na ako. Pero hanggang ngayon eh! hindi ko pa rin s'ya nagagawa. Pinilit ko pa ring magtrabaho that day pero sa sobrang sakit eh! hindi ko na kinaya so I had to go home at 3pm. Undertime tuloy ako ng 2 hours. Dapat kasi 5pm pa ko mag - a - out. Buti na lang after I went home and took medicines eh! naging o.k. na ko at hindi ko na kinailangang umabsent kinabukasan. It's a good thing din na nurse si ate. She told me what medicine to take tapos pinakain nila ko. Ngayon naman, I had cough and colds. Maybe it's because of the weather. Uulan - aaraw kasi kaya maraming nagkakasakit... hay naku! I just hope I get well before Saturday or else I won't be able to go to work. Aja! Fighting!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

After A Decade of Absence... haha!

Ang tagal kong hindi nakapagpost sa blog ko at namiss ko rin talaga s'ya (trip kong magtagalog ngayon... hehe!) Well, maraming dahilan kung bakit matagal akong nawala... maraming marami! Hindi pa rin nga ako makakabalik ng tuluyan ngayon kasi hindi pa rin tapos ang maraming gawain... tsk! tsk! tsk! Dumaan lang talaga ako dito para magpost kahit maikling entry lang. Sa susunod na ulit ang mga kwento ko. ^_^

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Studies, Practicum and School Publication

I failed to post an entry yesterday. It was already 8 in the evening when I finished my duty at Royale Tagaytay. I arrived home at 8:30 and I was so exhausted so I thought of posting this entry tonight instead after I went home from school. I go to school every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and have my duty on the four remaining days. I also need to attend whenever a meeting is held for our school publication. So I have three major priorities now, my studies, my practicum and our school publication where I was a Literary Editor. To be honest, I feel really beat most of the time. It's tiring to go to school, fulfill my responsibilities as one of the editors of our school publication and at the same time have my duty at the country club which is a major requirement since I'm already a graduating student. I always went home late and I can hardly eat dinner with my family. When I arrived home, my family has already eaten their dinner so I have to eat alone. I realized that it's not so good to eat when you're all by yourself. I also miss watching the telly in the afternoon... those simple things that I used to do before when I still went home early or I don't have classes. I'm not complaining or anything (or did I?... haha!). I just miss being at home 'cause it seems like I'm just a boarder in our house. I went home just to change clothes, eat dinner and sleep then take a bath, eat breakfast and went already to have my duty or go to school the next day. That's how my life's been going on now. When I went home at night, I'm already tired that I sometimes fell asleep even if I'm still watching the television with my parents. I know it's part of being a senior student in college. You have to go through times like this wherein you will experience how hard it is to work. Now I miss school even more. Though I still went there to attend for my 3 remaining subjects, it's not the same anymore. I also miss my friends who are also having their practicum. We barely see each other now. We only have the time to see and talk to each other during their day off and when I go to school to attend my classes. Alma's (my best friend) class schedule is not the same as mine 'cause we have different subjects to complete since we left few subjects when we transfer in our school few years ago.

I can say that this are the busiest days for me and it will still be the next 2 months. But thank God that I'm able to fulfill all my priorities though it really makes me exhausted most of the time. I thank him that He's giving me enough strength to do all my tasks. I know everything will be o.k. and I'll be able to finish all of these until our graduation comes. I'll try to do things better. May God Bless me more. God bless everyone of us.

P.S. I still have my duty tomorrow and it's midterm exams next week. Aja! Fighting! ^_^

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a note...

Pretty tired today. I'll update my blog tomorrow...

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Major Dilemma... as of the moment

I was supposed to have my New Year post but then laziness attacks me and at the same time I ran out of ideas so I decided not to post anymore. So this will be my first post this year. My New Year's great. Me, mama and my sister - in - law were the one who cooked for New Year's eve. My other older siblings spent their New Year in their own houses since they already have their own families. Only my brother (3rd. child) and his family were with us since they are living in our house. I'm also happy because they celebrate New Year with us with an addition to our family. Kuya has been blessed with a cute baby boy and he's now 2 months old

Now, New Year's over and were back to our normal lives... back to school. I went to Tagaytay Highlands last Wednesday to have my interview for my practicum. I was so nervous the night before 'cause I don't know if I will pass or not in the interview. I know I should not feel that way because my sister who's working there as a nurse was the one who help me to be able to get in but it will still be me who will be interviewed so I can't help but be nervous. My parents also scolded me that night because of that. So the day of the interview came and I'm so thankful that it went well. I was able to pass and was assigned at the laundry section of the housekeeping department. They told me that they will also transfer me to the kitchen department when other practicumers finished and there will be available slot. The HR department told me that I just need to comply with the requirements and I will start my practicum next week. There's no more problem for me... I thought. But then, my oldest sister texted my dad and told me that I could also have my practicum at Royale Tagaytay. So I went there earlier to have another interview. I was also accepted.

So what is the problem now

The problem is, I don't know which establishment should I choose to have my practicum. Since both of the establishment accepted me, it became my major dilemma that I don't know where to report. Both establishments are known here in Tagaytay and maybe even outside the city so it's very difficult for me to choose. Both also have nice facilities and pleasant employees. Until now, I don't know which to choose. I just hope I'll be able to make a wise decision so I won't be having any regrets in the end. It's really hard. I pray that I will be able to choose what's best for me. My problem will be shallow for others but being in this position, you will also understand how it feels. I just hope I'll be able to solve this. May God bless me!

Entrance of Royale Tagaytay Country Club

Royale Tagaytay Country Club Main Entrance

Royale Tagaytay Country Club Bar zone/Main Dining

Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club

Monday, December 22, 2008

This one's from Liza

Got a gift from Liza, my on line buddy. Here it is:

Liza! ^_^

Friday, December 12, 2008

In Memory of Marky

It was after Manny Pacquaio's dream match when me and my sister - in - law heard about Marky Cielo's sudden death. We were still tuning in the Kapuso network for further updates about the fight on Showbiz Central when Pia announced that Marky already passed away last Sunday morning. So our initial reaction was we still couldn't believe it. Marky is so young (we are just on the same age) and he could still do a lot of things in his life and his career as an artist. When that news first came out on that show, we can't help but ask what's the cause of his death. We couldn't believe that for such a young age, Marky will passed away just like that. As far as I know, Marky is really a nice guy. He's one of those artists in GMA whom I like not only for his great talent as an artist but also a person who keeps his feet on the ground. It makes me sad that at such a young age and at the peak of his career, he will suddenly leave this world. It really hurts me when someone dies especially when I know the person. I know I shouldn't be so affected of what happened to him but I am and I don't know why. Maybe it's because of what happened to my cousin. He died in Saudi Arabia, 40 days before Marky's death. He died because of aneurysm. When Marky died last Sunday, it was my cousin's 40 days. His death was so painful for us because he died without someone close to him. He died in other country 'cause he works there for the sake of his family. By that, I know how Marky's family and friends feel. It's really hard to lose someone close to us. I just hope that they will be able to know the cause of his death. Time will heal all the wounds and soon we will be able to move on to our lives. Condolence to his family and those people who love him.